Jariya - Meaning, Origin, Numerology and Gender

Jariya is one of many female names that have no meaning or origin in English, but it does hold significance in Arabic, Hindi and Sanskrit languages. There are many ways to pronounce Jariya, and the definition of this name has varied over time. Understanding Jariya’s meaning, numerology and personality helps you decide if it’s the right name for your baby girl or if you want to choose something else instead.

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Jariya’s name meaning, Jariya origin and personality based on numerology. Check out all the details and little-known facts about the meaning of Jariya’s name, its true meaning, its numerology and characteristics. The number values of alphabets ad more facts. Find it here!

Meaning of Jariya

The name Jariya originates from the Arabic and Urdu, and means maid or servant. The name Jariya is most commonly used as a girl child name or female name.

In Urdu, Jariya is a baby girl name which means Perpetual.

The name Jariya also means the sun, ship, stream, unmarried young woman

Origin of the name Jariya

Handful of reports and sources noted that the name Jariya is of Islamic or Arabic origin. Jariya name belongs to the culture of Muslims. Jariya's meaning depends on the origin of the name.

Jariya name Gender

Jariya is girl child name from Islamic roots.

General characteristics of the name

Just by the meaning of the name, a baby named Jariya is expected to portray the followings:

  • Jariya is able to envision or conceptualize future possibilities and reconcile them with present realities.
  • They are fully aware of their own abilities and limitations.
  • Jariya's persuasive abilities enable her to easily sway others' opinions and actions.
  • They are great listeners.
  • Active listening is used to resolve conflicts, counsel others, and train others.
  • Jariya accept full responsibility for the planning and management of all available resources for their organization.

Jariya Name Popularity

Jariya is an Islamic-related name that appears to be common in Islamic countries and homes. Not only that, but Jariya is a unique name that appeals to anyone who hears it and becomes interested in the moniker.

However, the name is well-known and popular in Morocco, Palestine, Libya, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, the Maldives, Bangladesh, Jordan, the United Kingdom, Japan, Afghanistan, Iran, Oman, Malaysia, Algeria, Bahrain, Brunei, Comoros, Djibouti, Egypt, Iraq, Pakistan, Kuwait, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Mauritania, Qatar, the Sahrawi Republic, Somalia, Tunisia, Yemen, India, and other countries

Jariya Numerology

According to numerology, Jariya expression or destiny number value is 7 (seven). How do we get that? Check here! Meanwhile, based on the name numerology, Jariya is an individual that shares the following qualities:

  • Naturally, Jariya are: Dignified. Educator. Intuitive. Love of nature. Silent. Spiritual or Scientific. Studious..
  • If care is not taken, Jariya can be: Aloof. Cold. Lives in the past. Melancholy. Peculiar. Skeptical. Sly. Unapproachable.
  • Thus leading to: Cheat. Dishonest. Faithless. Gossip. Sarcastic. Evil intent. Secret motives.

When Jariya's energy is aligned as a numerology number 7, they think, seek answers, and are a Seeker of Truth. Jariya's ideal working environment will enable them to unearth secrets and mysteries in science or spiritual subjects. They usually specialize in one topic and teach wise discoveries by combining their intuitive abilities with learning and reading.

Jariya Personality by Alphabetical Analysis

J: J is self-sufficient, motivated, and brimming with potential. People with the letter J are adept at creating opportunities and forging their own path

A: The letter A stands for assurance, independence, and initiative. It influences people with both leadership and motivation as part of a name.

R: R exudes a tireless energy that is dedicated to helping and uplifting humanity. It represents tremendous power to accomplish great things.

I: An I in a person's name introduces tolerance and compassion. Their presence causes them to be altruistic, creative, and kind.

Y: People with the letter Y in their name will travel far and wide in search of adventure. To them, life is an adventure, and their curiosity guides them.

A: **same as A above.**

Jariya Special Behaviors

  1. People whose name starts with letter "J" like Jariya are: Jariya is more likely to approach life with self-determination, demonstrating independence, and preferring self-reliance over relying on others. Cornerstone is the first letter of your name. The first letter in Jariya predicts a general picture of their personality, as well as their interactions with life's challenges and opportunities.
  2. People whose names ends with "A", just like Jariya: tends to persevere until a project is very well completed. Capstone is the last letter of your name known as the 'finishing factor' which primarily concerns how you will handle the consequences of any responsibility or project they've worked on.
  3. People whose name's first vowel is "A", as the case is with Jariya: feels inspired to be brave and daring, and they possess spirit of a warrior. They are not afraid to go against the grain for your beliefs. "A" also means Jariya will have the sass and flair to get herself out of any situation.
    This letter reveals deepest desires, urges, and the goals wished to achieve.

Similar Names

  • Jannat
  • Jawaria
  • Jasmine
  • Jahan
  • Jannah
  • Jihan
  • Jabeen
  • Jara
  • Jamila
  • Jasmin
  • Jazba
  • Jazlyn

Fun Facts about Jariya

  • The name has six letters.
  • The name has Arabic origin
  • It is a female or girl child name
  • Numerology number of Jariya is 7
  • The cornerstone or first letter of the name Jariya is "J"
  • The capstone or last letter or alphabet of the name Jariya is " A "
  • The first vowel is the name Jariya is "A"
  • If you spell Jariya backwards it will be: Ayiraj, does that make any sense?


Jariya is not only a common first name but also a word in Arabic and Sanskrit with meaning, numerology and personality. In this article you have discover the meaning, name origin and numerology as well as the personality of the given name Jariya.

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