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Shavya name meaning - What does Shavya mean? Shavya origin - Where does the name Shavya come from? Shavya popularity - How popular is the name Shavya? Shavya numerology - What is the meaning of the name Shavya in numerology? Shavya gender - What gender does the name Shavya refer to? Shavya personality - What type of personality does the name Shavya indicate?

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Shavya is a baby girl name that means elegant and was popular as a girl's name in 2018, when it was the 368th most popular name in the United States. Shavya is an uncommon female name, and it has a unique meaning and personality traits associated with it that can make it an ideal choice. It’s not widely used by the general population, so if you’re looking for something more unique, this may be the way to go. Keep reading to learn more about Shavya and see how it might fit your family.

Meaning of Shavya

The name Shavya originates from the Sanskrit language, and means Flawless. The name Shavya is most commonly used as a girl name or female name, though it can also be used as a boy name or male name. An alternate spelling of the name Shavya is Savya.

Shavya is a baby girl name which means to be perfect.

The name Shavya also means alluring, beautiful.

It also means delicate or elegant.

Often time, Lord Vishnu can also be tagged as Shavya.

Origin of the name Shavya

Handful of reports and sources noted that the name Shavya is of Hindu origin. Shavya name belongs to the culture of Indian, Sanskrit, and Jain. Shavya's meaning depends on the origin of the name.

Shavya name Gender

Shavya is girl-child name. Shavya is an uncommon name that’s most commonly used as a girl’s name in English and Hindi. It has some interesting meanings behind it, too; parents who want to give their daughter a unique name with character might consider Shavya as an option!

General characteristics of the name

Just by the meaning of the name, a baby named Shavya is expected to portray the followings:

  • They are affectionate and soft at heart
  • They are considerate
  • They love to control situations
  • They are hard working
  • Sotimes being critical of the self or others.
  • They are conscious of results
  • They are fashionable
  • They have high taste for luxury

How popular is the name Shavya?

The name Shavya can always interest the family from these countries and very ubiquitous. Countries such as: India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Fiji, Suriname, Kuwait, United States, Malaysia, United Kingdom, Myanmar (Burma), etc and nations with high population of Hinduism faithfuls.

Shavya Numerology Insights

According to numerology, Shavya expression or destiny number value is 4 (Four). How do we get that? Check here!

The numerological value of Shavya is 4 (four). Meanwhile, based on the name numerology, Shavya is an individual that shares the following qualities:

Naturally, Shavya are: disciplined, family lover, good worker, honest, organized, patient, patriotic, practical, reliable.

If care is not taken, Shavya can be: argumentative, dry, humorless, narrow-minded, opinionated, stern, workaholic.

Thus leading to: animalism, crude, hatred, jealous, violent, vulgar

Alphabetical Analysis

S: True commitment, charmer, Emotional

H: A visionary, loves extravagant lifestyle.

A: Ambitious, determined and free thinking.

V: A seer, great intuition.

Y: Stylish, courageous and independent.

A: A leader, Ambitious, free thinking and determined.

Shavya Special Behaviors

  1. People whose name starts with letter "S" like Shavya are: predisposed to view life through the lens of personal independence — accompanied by ambition, charisma, and charm. According to their cornerstone numerology. Cornerstone is the first letter of your name. The first letter predicts a general picture of your personality, as well as your interactions with life's challenges and opportunities.
  2. People whose names ends with "A", just like Shavya: tends to persist until a project is decisively completed. According to their capstone numerology. Capstone is the last letter of your name. It is known as the 'finishing factor.' which primarily concerns how you will handle the consequences of any responsibility or project you've worked on.
  3. People whose name's first vowel is "A", as the case is with Shavya: feels daring and courageous They frequently do not look before you leap, with dash and flair to extricate yourself regardless of the consequences.. This represents the first vowel letter in your name. Known as a "window to your soul," This letter reveals your deepest desires, urges, and the goals you wish to achieve.

Fun Facts about Shavya

  • The name Shavya means PERFECT.
  • The name has Hindi origin
  • It is a girl child name
  • Numerology number of Shavya is 4 (four)
  • The cornerstone or first letter of the name Shavya is " S "
  • The capstone or last letter or alphabet of the name Shavya is " A "
  • The first vowel is the name Shavya is " A "
  • If you spell Shavya backwards it will be: Ayvahs, another nice moniker on its own, isn't it?


If you’re on the hunt for an unusual name, Shavya might be just what you’re looking for. Its meaning and origin give you clues about what it might mean to have a baby with this name, and its popularity helps you know how well it will fit into your family or circle of friends. In fact, Shavya may be one of the most beautiful names that starts with S, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t special!

Shavya baby name meaning, origin, popularity, numerology, and other interesting facts. Learn the personality traits of Shavya and its name origin and popularity with our Baby Name Finder tool. Explore our informative article on the meaning of Shavya and get detailed information on the origins, popularity, and even the pronounciation of the name Shavya.

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